Planning Applications January 2018

Reference Address Type Status

17/03303/AOP Adstock Manor Main Street Adstock Buckinghamshire MK18 2HT. Outline application with all matters reserved for the erection of three dwellings and a storage barn with one dwelling above. Application Refused

17/00504/AOP Land Adjacent To The Gardens West Street Adstock Buckinghamshire. Outline application with access to be considered and all other matters reserved for the erection of five self-build houses Application Awaiting decision

17/02324/APP Adstock House East Street Adstock Buckinghamshire MK18 2HZ. Demolition of existing commercial building and construction of two storey dwelling. Application Approved

17/04021/APP 5 Greenfields Adstock Buckinghamshire MK18 2JA. Erection of single storey rear extension with first floor extension on existing ground floor. Application Awaiting decision

17/04854/ALB Wisteria Main Street Adstock Buckinghamshire MK18 2JN. Internal alterations and addition of windows and sliding door. Application Awaiting decision