Fantastic news . Want to do your homework on line? Want to watch a film on your computer? want to do your work from home?  Well soon you will be able too.

We needed to get at least 125 houses to sign up that they were interested and that has been achieved. This meant that we could claim £350 per household towards the £43000+ that it will cost to put the high speed fibre into Adstock.

The fibre should be in the Village by the end of December2017 and households will be able to order the new service in January 2018.

You do not have to sign up to the new service and can continue as you are. If you would like the new service then in January next year you will have to pay a connection fee and choose one of the many providers of the new service.

A big thank you to Simon and John for the fantastic work in getting the new service to Adstock . for many it will be a case of “I don’t beleeeive it!”